The iPhone 4's Camera Has Promise

While many camera phones have not-so-impressive cameras in them, Apple would like to deviate from that path with its iPhone 4 and its new 5-megapixel camera. How? Apple did not jump from 3MP (on iPhone 3GS) to 5MP by squeezing more pixels onto the same-sized chip. Instead, the chip was given a size upgrade.

And we know by now that with bigger pixels, the camera produces better photos because it can gather more light. The pixels on the iPhone 4 chip is measure 1.75 micrometers, close to the compact cameras whose pixels have an average size of 2 micrometers.

The iPhone 4 camera also comes with a “backside illuminated sensor,” which means that its backlit sensor has its circuitry placed on the back of the chip, keeping it away from the light while making the sensor much more sensitive. This makes the camera enable to capture high-quality photos even in low-light situations.

The built-in flash, however, should only be used in really lowly-lit situations because a having a flash placed right beside the lens creates badly-lit photos.

Check out the quality of the “unretouched” photos taken on an iPhone 4 over at the Apple website.

Source: Wired

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