The iPad's Many Alternatives

Still thinking of pre-ordering an iPad ?  Before you do, you may want to consider that there are other options other than a Flash-deficient, webcam-lacking tablet.  The good part is that most of these alternatives are actually available today.  Check out the following devices that may steal the limelight out of the iPad.

Axiotron Modbook

This 13.3-inch tablet, which has been available since 2007, runs on Mac OS X.  It can multitask, has flash support, contains a built-in camera and optical drive, 12GB hard drive, and even compatibility to Windows.  The sad part is that it has no 3G, no multitouch, and does not provide access to the App Store.  What’s even sadder is the price.  Although the base cost is US$899, customers have to provide a pre-polycarbonate unibody Macbook or else the manufacturer would supply the Modbook with its own 2.13GHz Macbook base system at a whopping $1,849.

Viliv X70

Name anything the iPad lacks, Viliv X70 has.  Flash support, check.  Multitasking, check.  SD card slot, check.  USB port, check.  Camera, check.  Unlocked 3G modem, check.  Video out, check.  The bum part?  This Windows-based tablet from South Korea only has a 7-inch screen, not to mention the absence of multitouch and access to the App Store.  It costs as low as $549 .

Archos 9

The Archos 9 is the company’s largest tablet device to date at 8.9 inches.  It runs on Windows 7, has Flash support, multitasking, two USB slots, an SD card slot, webcam, a kick stand, and an optical trackpad nub.  No multitouch or App Store access, however.  Prices start out at $549.99 .

Viliv S10 Blade

The Viliv S10 Blade (pictured) is Viliv’s first product in 2010.  It has a 10-inch multitouch display that includes a folded keyboard and yet it is still not thicker than the iPad.  Also runs on Windows 7, it features pretty much everything on the X70, except it has two USB slots.  Still no access to the App Store, though.  No word on when it will drop, but it is said that it will cost from $699.

Notion Ink Adam

This upcoming tablet from Notion Ink runs on Android and powered by Nvidia Tegra 2.  It features 10-inch multitouch dual-mode display (shifting from full color to ePaper), a rear-facing trackpad, USB and HDMI ports, and an unlocked 3G modem. It also has access not only to the App Store, but also to the Android Market.  The Adam tablet is set to appear on June 10 this year.

HP Slate

HP has been teasing techies with its upcoming tablet that goes with a temporary nick called Slate.  It runs on Windows 7 with full Flash support, multitasking, camera, and USB ports.  The Slate, however, does not have access to the App Store.  Expect it to arrive this year with a market price between $500 and $600.

Dell Streak

Another major player that will unveil a tablet product is Dell.  Its 5-inch Streak uses Android and contains front and back facing cameras, USB ports, Dual microSD slots, and probably an unlocked 3G modem.  And because it runs on Android, it only has access to the Android Market.  The beef is that, like the iPad, the Dell Streak does not have Flash support—not to mention it is smaller than the iPad.

Source:  CrunchGear

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