The iPad's Alternatives: Where Are They Now?

It has been four months since we posted a bunch of tablet computers that compete against the then-just-launched Apple iPad, which turned out to be the leader in the industry. So what happened to the rest of them? Have a look:

Axiotron Modbook

It is still pretty much around and still selling for US$1849. Why the steep prize? Because it’s a MacBook converted into tablet form, complete with a Wacom Penabled digitizer and several USB ports.

Viliv X70

Although still considered as the strongest Windows-based tablet out there, the 7-inch device runs on Windows XP, which is not created for touch navigation but still manageable. The Viliv X70 is still available, but we hope it gets an upgrade, such as a multitouch screen.

Archos 9

It had promise at first, but the reviews after its launched haven’t been friendly, saying it provides a “poor user experience” because of its inability to run Windows 7 efficiently.

Viliv S10 Blade

The tablet that turns into a tablet with 10-inch multitouch screen, 3G modem, and Windows 7, was launched a couple of months ago. However, the reviews find the built shoddy, its screen moves around too much, and the performance was below par.

Notion Ink Adam

The design of the Notion Ink Adam (pictured) was supposed to be everything the the iPad does not, but it has missed the launch date last June and is likely to miss out on the moved November launch as well.

HP Slate

Jaws dropped when HP announced that they killed the project, but when the company bought Palm, there were news about the Slate being revived using webOS instead of previously-planned Windows. There have been no confirmation whatsoever whether the HP Slate become available soon, if at all.

Dell Streak

It was reported that the Streak will come in at least three different sizes, with the 5-inch tablet is now available in the United Kingdom. It is said to be launched in the United States later in the summer.

Source: CrunchGear

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