The iPad Keyboard Dock Gets Tested

The guys over at PC Magazine got their hands on the new iPad Keyboard Dock, which caters for those who miss the sound of clicking keys while typing on Apple‘s tablet device or for those who feel uncomfortable typing with the iPad no thanks to its curved back cover.

Old-school Apple users may have noticed the Keyboard Dock as similar to the wireless keyboard of the iMac with its brushed aluminum shell and fully separated white keys. The dock provides comfortable typing while holding the iPad upright. The keyboard is very compact. It does not have a number pad and features several control keys on the top row, together with a very special blank key right in the middle of top row that does… nothing.

Typing tests reveal that typing with the keyboard dock is much more comfortable than typing with the iPad alone. The problem, however, is because the device is stuck to the iPad, users may have difficulty putting their eyes far from the screen. Also, navigation is all about utilizing the iPad’s screen, so there is no need to use a mouse (as the iPad does not response to any computer mice, even it’s own Magic Mouse).

Overall, the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock is ideal for short-term typing like writing e-mail messages and iWork productivity apps. However, just so you know, the iPad also works with wireless bluetooth keyboards, so the problem with adjusting your eyes to the screen is lessened.

Source:  PC Magazine

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