The Intel Reader For The Reading Impaired

Some people may have problems reading text. Reasons may range from certain reading disabilities to vision problems. Devices such as the new Intel Reader may help provide a means to continue reading and overcome such problems.

The new Intel Reader is a mobile handheld device that is designed to help people who have trouble reading, whether due to disabilities or having problems reading standard texts. This unique device features a speech software that converts text into sounds. Via an integrated digital camera on the device, users can also shoot a printed page and the Intel Reader can convert it into digital text which can the be voiced out by the device. Other features include voice-aided navigation of the device functions and a content to MP3 converter. The Intel Reader might seem like a simple device but it can provide a lot of help for those who have been having trouble reading for many years now. The Intel Reader is available at Amazon for US$899.

Image Source: Intel

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