The Impossible Quiz Flash Game

The Impossible Quiz Flash Game challenges its players to twist their minds and bring with them truckloads of logic to surpass the 66-questioned game. As the name implies, it is a quiz composed of questions that require logic, humor, lack and randomness for one to finish the game triumphantly.

The player only needs to answer questions which are usually presented in a multiple choice format (with four answers to choose from) although there are questions which require its players to search for things in the frame, put a puzzle together, click things in order, play a mini-game or perform certain mouse movements. There are only three lives in the whole game, and answering a question wrong misses one life.

Incorporated in this game are additional exciting treats such as Skips, which let players to skip a question. Some questions are also time-limited whereas if not answered in the allotted time, the game automatically ends.

Players should not expect too much with the art aspect because the whole game is purposely designed to be sloppy and childish. The essence of the whole game are the questions which are matched with the funny art/ The incorporation of the art and the questions can be quite annoying at times because they both give the players the feeling of senselessness throughout the whole course of the game.

As the game progresses, the questions (and it’s also arguable if some of items can even be considered as questions) are getting more obscure and pointless. Nonetheless, the game gives its players the curiosity and challenge to attempt an answer.

To play the game, click here.

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