The IllumiCharger

Here’s another unique device that homes may greatly benefit from. It is called the IllumiCharger. Quite a simple device at it is, the IllumiCharger can be put quite to good use in homes where portable devices requiring charging power may be found in abundance.

The IllumiCharger is simply a wall outlet equipped with USB slots. What this device does is capture and store power through light energy. The light may come from those produced by traditional lighting fixtures around the home. The IllumiCharger can then be used to charge up portable devices such as mp3 players, cell phones and digital cameras through the use of renewable energy from light.

And since it does not source out its power from grid electricity, it is a kind of a green gadget that any home would surely appreciate. The IllumiCharger provides free recycled charging power for your portable gadgets when you need it. Unfortunately, this unique invention is yet to be made for the consumer market. It is currently a finalist for the Greener Gadgets Design Competition . But everyone would surely be expecting it to come out soon for public consumption.

Image Source: IllumiCharger

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