The Here Active Listening System, Control How You Hear The World

Here Active Listening SystemMany people try to use sound in different ways. Some use it as a way to relax and express their feelings through music. In the real world, there is always that battle between good sound and noise. How this battle ensues can affect one’s mood and experience at a given moment. If noise prevails over the good sound, then certain negative emotions are harnessed. When it is the opposite that happens, people feel more relaxed, calmer and even happier. It would be great if people can have a way to select only the sounds they want to hear in the real world. Now, people can with the introduction of the Here Active Listening System.

The Here Active Listening System is a pair of special wireless ear buds to help you control the way you hear things. No, it is not designed for controlling or playing recorded music. Here mainly helps enhance live audio, the things you actually hear in the real world. With this special wireless earbuds connected to a smartphone app, you now have the means to choose which everyday sounds from your surroundings you wish to enhance and which ones to drown out. With the Here Active Listening System, users can try to adjust and control the live sound they typically hear every day. Using a digital sound processor and set algorithms designed to either enhance or suppress sound frequencies, the Here Active Listening System processes the sounds it receives from the surroundings according to how you wish to hear them. They can suppress the traffic noise or try to enhance people’s voices over other sounds. They can also drown out the sound of the jet engine during flights and even suppress the noise of a crying baby when trying to doze off during a red-eye flight.

You can use the Here Active Listening System to enhance real world sounds and personalize what you hear all around you. It becomes quite an enjoyable experience once you have the control over what you are listening to in your environment. The Here Active Listening System is currently conducting a successful Kickstarter campaign so far. A pledge of $199 will give you the opportunity to have your own Here Active Listening System. The makers will list the special earbuds at $249 retail once it comes out in December of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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