The Harion Glass Speakers

harion glass speakers

A beautiful new speaker system had just came out and its causing quite a stir. Not only because of its superb designs and extraordinary appearance, but also because of its price. The Harion Glass Speakers cost $168,000. It is made of some kind of a heat-resistant glass which, according to the Japanese firm Hario who conceptualized it, is a unique find.

The Harion Glass speakers consist of :

  • center speaker

  • sub woofer

  • a couple of tweeters

  • mid-range speakers

The Harion Glass Speakers may look fragile, but don’t let its appearance fool you because its component parts are actually quite solid and reliable. The Harion Glass Speakers are hand-made, too. Hence the price of this speaker is nothing to scoff at. The sound quality of this great piece is yet to be determined, but if its price is any indication, it probably has a good sound quality.


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