The Handstand Adds a Strap for Your iPad

We know, we know, the iPad is one of the coolest gadgets to appear in 2010. So much so that those who own it would like to go around places carrying their iPads as their way of taunting the rest of us. But here’s the thing, carrying an iPad while being used, even with a case, can be quite a skill. I’ve seen people do it by using their forearms as a support, with the tips of their fingers barely holding the bezel.

Don’t worry, iPad stans, because the Handstand is for you. This US$60 iPad case not only protects your beloved device, but it also features a strap at the back where you could simply slide your hand in it. The strap even swivels so you could switch between landscape and portrait mode by simply rotating the iPad.

But of course, the Handstand seems more natural to use while using the iPad and not while doing other stuff as the guys in CrunchGear demonstrated.

Source: CrunchGear

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