The Grabit Pack

The Grabit Pack

If you’re job requires you to carry a bunch of tools or you just want to have your gadgets with you, the Grabit Pack is for you.

 The Grabit Pack is basically a bag that attaches securely to your thigh, and which has plenty of pockets and compartments to house your various tools and gadgets.

The Grabit Pack has two adjustable straps for a comfy fit; one goes around your waist, the other keeps the bag tight around your leg. Compared to storing your gadgets in a "man purse", keeping them in the Grabit Pack means that your gadgets are secure against your legs – they don’t bang against each other or against your leg. The bag also puts your stuff in front where you easily see them.

There are three different sized pockets. The biggest  one – the main bag – can hold some video cameras, while the smaller two can easily hold your wallet, cellphone, or digicam. The main bag has a zip enclosure while the other two have Velcro enclosure.

The Grabit pack is made of waterproof nylon material which makes it ideal for outdoor use. As far as style goes, perhaps it is not as stylish as say a Louis Vuitton Damier Olav, but at least it is more utilitarian.

Image source: craziest gadgets

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