The Goodnight Lamp

Goodnight LampThere are existing devices that come with added significance because they were given added features, thanks to new technology. You add online connectivity to your household appliances and you get the means to control them even while you are away. You add GPS features to your mobile phone and you get to share your location with your friends online. There are many other examples of how some devices get better with added technological features. The same can be said of the Goodnight Lamp.

The Goodnight Lamp is not your usual desktop lamp. Although it does provide adequate lighting for you when you need it, the features make it function more than just that. You can consider the Goodnight Lamp as a notification device of sorts. This is because it is a desktop lamp that can be interconnected with another lamp located even on the far side of the world.

What makes the Goodnight Lamp unique is that it comes with online connectivity. It actually comes as a set of lamps- a Big Lamp, a Power House and a Little Lamp. The Big Lamp acts as the main desktop lamp with Wi-Fi connectivity features. You can program it to connect to your home Wi-Fi network be connecting to your laptop via USB. You can then program your network name and password into it. Once it is done, you can plug the lamp into any AC outlet and it will stay connected wirelessly on your home network.

The good part is when you use a Power House and a Little Lamp with it. The Power House connects to the Wi-Fi network while the Little Lamp acts as the receiver. The owner of the Big Lamp can send the Power House and Little Lamp over to a friend or family member living on another state or the far side of the coast. When one turns on the Big Lamp, the Wi-Fi connected Little Lamp also automatically lights up, even if it is located elsewhere. In essence, it becomes a passive notifying device to let users know that a friend or a family member is “present”.

There are many interesting applications for the Goodnight Lamp. It can be used as a notifier between colleagues miles apart can let each other know that they are ready before getting online for a call or a conference meeting. Parents can send the Little Lamp to a child going off to college. The Little Lamp notifies the parents that their son or daughter is safe at the dorm when they see the Big Light turn on. The Goodnight Lamp comes with innovative features that make it more useful; thanks to the addition of new technology into what may otherwise be an ordinary desk lamp or nightlight. The Goodnight Lamp is currently available for pre-order for 89 UK Pounds or US$136 for a set of a Big Lamp, Little Lamp and Power House. Deliveries will start on September of this year.

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