The Gold-Plated iGo Pico Projector: Don't Hate, Appreciate

Almost every ordinary gadget becomes luxurious when encased in precious materials, from golden iPads to crystal-crusted computers. Adding to the list of luxe gadgets is the limited-edition iGo UP2020 Pocket Projector, which is encased in 24-carat gold.

This golden pico projector features connectivity to a multitude of devices–including smartphones, HD TVs, and Flip camcorders–as well as a high-contrast DLP projection for sharper images.

If those specs alone do not convince you that the iGo UP2020 pico projector is one of the best in the category, then perhaps gilding it in gold would. It costs £999 (US$1,630) at Personal Projector.

Source: CrunchGear

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