The Flask By Oakley Carbon Fiber Flask

When it comes to a person’s favorite beverage, having the right container to place them in is important. Some alcoholic beverages for example, do not just settle for any other ordinary container. They usually are placed in ideal flasks, ever since alcoholic drinks became a hidden luxury for some people, to be consumed in secret. Now that drinking such beverages are not that taboo, people still prefer holding such drinks in flasks for good measure. Using The Flask from Oakley is a good and elegant way of bringing that practice alive.

Making The Flask is actually a collaboration between Oakley and popular malt whiskey maker The Macallan. The Flask is a way of having your favorite whiskey always on hand without having to have it seen in plain view. The Flask is designed out of food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace grade aluminum. In short, it is created for durability and not just elegance. It is a mix of stylish military and industrial design going with a function to hold one of the elegant malt whiskies around.

The Flask is no longer just something that one can hide. It is something to be seen and admired. But for those who wish to have it, it is available for US$900. So in short, it must be something very valuable that you will be drinking when you use The Flask with it.

Image Source: Oakley

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