The Eye-Fi SD Card

The Eye-Fi SD Card

If you’re the type who likes to take hundreds of pictures but just leaves them in your memory card forever, then the Eye-Fi SD Card is for you. The Eye-Fi SD Card makes offloading and sharing pictures with whomever you like a cinch.

Installing the Eye-Fi card software is fairly simple. You just plug it into your computer along with the supplied SD card reader and that’s it. The installation will take care of itself. You just have to answer a couple of prompts, key in your WiFi password as well as some information on any of 20 picture sharing sites, and you’re off. After that, it’s all point-and-shoot for you. Your pictures will automatically be sent to your PC and the sharing sites you identified, as long as you leave the power on since it uses the camera’s power. Go out and take few shots. When you get home, simply switch it on and it will unload all the pictures you took into your PC again. Just a little reminder though; make sure your camera accepts SDHC cards and that it won’t limit the maximum allowable size.

Eye-Fi SD Cards are available in 4 different types: the 2GB Home SD card, the 4GB Share Video card, the 4GB explore video card, and the new 4GB Pro. It is available at Eye-Fi with prices ranging from $49.99-149.99.

Image source: Eye-Fi

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