The Extra Large Number Readout Scale

People who always stands up on top a weighing scale only wants to know one thing- whether their weight loss sacrifices are paying off. A look while standing on a bathroom scale to check out the indicator can be one of the more exciting parts of the whole process. Shouts will fill the air of weight loss is achieved based on the scale. But more times than not, looking into the scale display when standing upon it can sometimes be quite a challenge. That is because the numbers become an issue since many people need to crouch or even squint at the display just to see the weight loss digits. If this is the problem then having the Extra Large Number Readout Scale may come in handy.

The Extra Large Number Readout Scale is a bathroom digital scale that comes with giant numerals displayed on the indicator to ensure readability even while standing on top of it. It comes with an LCD screen that makes it easier to view without the need to stoop down or squint. You can even consider it as a smart scale of sorts. There are some surprising features in this bathroom scale as well.

Turning on the scale can be as easy as ABC. All the user needs to do is to turn on the scale by a simple tap of the foot. And as the user stands on the platform, it can provide accurate weighing results indicated in the front display with its extra large numerals. Stepping off the scale also powers it down after around ten seconds to conserve the energy provided by the two CR2032 batteries. The scale also comes with a weight bearing limit of up to 440 pounds. It is designed with a non-slip material on the platform to ensure the user’s safety. The Extra Large Number Readout Scale is now available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$60.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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