The Executive Keyboard by Datamancer

While computer keyboards are the primary input peripheral used by PC users, it is something that people don’t consider giving that look of elegance. More people are more concerned of making keyboards more functionally accurate. But there might be some who still may want to give an ordinary keyboard that look of luxury. An example that such people may consider may be available in the Executive Keyboard from Datamancer.
The Datamancer Executive Keyboard is a unique looking yet fully functional keyboard for those who have the eye for design. Created with the aim to provide a unique looking keyboard with classical features, the Executive Keyboard comes with classical typewriter keys that gives it a very unique personality. Each key comes with a mechanical switch that makes it function accurately with each press. This elegant keyboard is enclosed in an aluminum body. The Datamancer Executive Keyboard, in all its elegance, may not be the keyboard for just about anybody. It costs US$1,050 to have at Datamancer. But a more affordable option of the same keyboard is also available at Etsy for US$750 in its basic state without customizations.
Image Source: Datamancer

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