The Duo Binary Camera

The Duo CameraTaking pictures of friends and family is a good way of creating lasting memories and sharing experiences. One common problem is that the one taking those photographs is usually left out of the picture. It is frustrating for the designated photographer on a trip or a party will usually end up not a part in any of the pictures. Although he or she may also be a part of the experience, the poor designated photographer may not always be able to show for it in the photos. A budding designer, who perhaps may have gone through this experience once too many times, have come up with the Duo Binary Camera prototype to help provide an added dynamic to taking memorable photos.

The Duo Binary Camera is a unique concept of taking photos in a social setting. A project by Innovation Design Engineering student Chin-Wei Liao from the Royal College of Art in London, the Duo Binary Camera offers a way for photographers not only to take photos but also be a part of them. The prototype actually consists of two separate cameras that attaches to one another via the use of powerful magnets. Together, it may look like a typical digital camera with the lens and a display screen. However, it detaches into two point-and-shoot cameras with a twist. The two separated cameras can take pictures simultaneously when one of the users presses the button on top. Both users can point the camera on each other before pressing the button. This way, the photographer also becomes the subject. It is an interesting concept of taking that self-shot or of a friend, checking how the other photo comes out when one presses the button. In addition, the Duo camera comes with a switch to turn of the dual-shot function, making them act as normal cameras. The Duo Binary Camera is still a concept device. But it would be an interesting take on digital cameras in terms of look and function.

Image Source: Gizmodo

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