The Driveway Doorbell

driveway alarm

driveway alarmIf you live in a home where the driveway is at a distance from your immediate view or attention, then having a means to alert you whenever a car approaches to enter may be needed. It is the best thing to have a pet dog around to help look after a part of the property while you are inside. The next best thing is to have this Driveway Doorbell to help alert you as well.

The Driveway Doorbell features a motion sensor that you can install near the driveway entrance that will act as the trigger to sound an audible chime from an in-home receiver that you can place as far as 400′ away. When the motion sensor detects an approaching car, a delivery van, a dinner guest or an unexpected vehicle in the vicinity of the driveway entrance, it will sound a 45-second chime and LED flashes to alert the homeowner of  the arrival. There are four volume options and five different alert melodies to choose from. The Driveway Doorbell also includes the mounting hardware needed for attaching the motion sensor at a mailbox post or the driveway entrance. It will require three AAA and three C batteries to do its job. The Driveway Doorbell is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $60.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer


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