The Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster

While it is dangerous for drivers to be using their mobile phones while driving, there are instances where always having a good mobile signal is a must. There are times when drivers become lost and the cell signal may be weak to make a call for help. In such instances, having The Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster may come in handy and valuable.

The Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster is a handy cell signal-boosting device that can help boost cell signals both for 2G and 3G phones to get up to 20x the reception power. It is also designed to help amplify 4G LTE signals for Verizon and AT&T phones. It helps boost signal power in weak signal areas, making it possible to get continuous mobile reception wherever the car may go.

The device plugs in to the car’s DC power source. The antenna also attaches magnetically to the car exterior. Attaching the mobile phone into the device cradle can increase the gain for up to 26dB. It can be used together with a Bluetooth headset or a speakerphone for added convenience. The  is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$160.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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