The Cubii Mini Elliptical Keeps You Fit At Work

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elliptical machineKeeping fit should be a regular habit in order for people to enjoy the results. But when people are too busy with work, most will not be able to find time to include an exercise regimen into their day-to-day lifestyle. What some people to is fit any type of physical activity in what little time frame they have just to put in the needed fitness activity when they can. There are many other options available to help busy people add in some type of exercise program while at work. One of them is the new Cubii Mini Elliptical.
The Cubii Mini Elliptical is a compact elliptical machine that users can use by placing under their desk while at work. While there are a number of similar portable elliptical machines now available in the market, the Cubii Mini Elliptical stands out because it is considered as the first smart under desk elliptical machine. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to allow the machine to connect with a user’s smartphone that comes with the accompanying Cubii mobile app. The app lets users keep track of performance and progress and allows users to set goals, compete with others and sync the machine with FitBit.
The Cubii Mini Elliptical machine is designed to be used while sitting. It is specially designed to ensure that users keep the proper posture while using it with all angles optimized to prevent the user’s knees from bumping the desk while it is being used. It also works quietly so as not to disturb the workplace environment. Adjustable resistance levels allow individuals with different fitness levels to use the Cubii Mini Elliptical more efficiently into their current fitness regimen. This under desk elliptical machine is ideal for busy people who still wish to put in some time to exercise while at the office. The Cubii Mini Elliptical is available at Amazon for $347.
Image Source: Amazon

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