The Countdown Clock

People are always eagerly awaiting for some special day to come. That is why they do countdowns to make the anticipation even more exciting as the time gets closer and closer. What would be a fitting gadget for those who like to have countdowns by having The Countdown Clock always handy.

The Countdown Clock from Mr. Jones is a simple and yet unique way to help people awaiting for a special event, no matter how common it might be. The clock comes with an indicator where you can choose from a certain event you want to countdown to. It might be an upcoming vacation or a holiday.

The Countdown Clock comes with the most special and even the most mundane events to count down to. You then only need to set in the number of days you need to count down to that particular event and you’re all set. The countdown indicator will minus a day until you finally arrive to the actual event. It is a simple function but one that most people would anticipate. The Countdown Clock is available at Watchismo for US$124.

Image Source: Watchismo

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