The Cobra Tag

It is pretty normal for people to lost sight of a number of everyday items. It may all depend on what one may find as important. While most people may not always forget to bring or misplace their smartphones and other similar devices, it might just be as easy for people to forget or misplace things like keys and even handbags. No matter how often such situations occur, it might be good to have a loss prevention system device like the Cobra Tag handy.

The Cobra Tag is a unique loss alarm and prevention system that you can use for protecting your keys and other everyday valuables against possibly losing them. It comes with a sensor that can be paired up with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The paired smartphone also needs to download the Cobra Tag app in order to work. The Cobra Tag sensor is then attached to items that you seem to frequently forget or misplace.

The Cobra Tag works by monitoring the distance between the tag sensor and your smartphone. When the tag is attached to a keychain, it sends out an alarm every time the tagged item becomes separated at a certain specified distance. If it is the smartphone that got lost in the vicinity, the Cobra Tag can also be used to make the smartphone ring in order to determine its location. The Cobra Tag will be available sometime in July of this year for US$60.

Image Source: Cobra

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