The Clicker: The Ultimate Lazy Man's Gadget

Most inventions introduced in the United States have a common thread:  All of them make tasks easier, more convenient, and—to some extent—lazier.  Take, for example, the TV dinner table or the “lazy” couch.  This one is no different.  If you sit all day watching television and too bothered to get up and open a bottle of been, how about grabbing that bottle and open it with the remote control?

Yep, you’ve heard it! The Clicker is a nine-in-one universal remote control device with a built-in bottle opener.  No more fumbling for the bottle opener that you rarely use or straining your palms by twisting the cap.

Want it?  Then get on its website and call its phone number.  It costs US$25 each.

Source:  CrunchGear

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