The Case-mate iPhone Case Costs $300; Why?

Is the recession not affecting you and have $300 to spend on an iPhone 4 case? Then Case-mate is for you! But wait, why does it cost that much?

Apparently, using titanium as the main material could be costly, even for an iPhone 4 case. That metal is known for its strength, light weight, and anti-corrosive features. I should know; I have a titanium frying pan that also doubles as a wok. That thing has been with us for almost 10 years now.

But then again, for an iPhone 4 case, I think you could be better off with the aircraft aluminum-made Vapor, which is way cheaper. Still absurdly priced at $80, but at least it ain’t $300.

But if you insist, the Case-mate will be up for sale beginning June 27.

Source: Mobile Crunch

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