The Camp Chair

Camping outdoors is quite fascinating in that it allows people to enjoy nature with only the most basic of necessities. It is usually a stark departure to one’s daily city life filled with stress, traffic and pollution. Camping in the outdoors gives people a break from it all and allows them to spend time to commune with nature. But if you think that camping may be a back-to-basics type of activity, it is not without some of the creature comforts that can also be a necessity. But the comforts are also made simple as possible. The Camp Chair can be considered as one of those that can offer some added comfort level to the camp along with some convenience to boot.

The Camp Chair is designed to provide campers with a more comfortable sitting implement to bring along for the trip. Not until a camper experiences sitting on top of rocks or the ground will he or she be able to appreciate the existence of the Camp Chairs at the camping site. Simple as it may be, the Camp Chair offers several functions that campers may find useful in one way or the other.

The Camp Chair follows a simple folding design comprised of a wooden body and duck canvas. It is made out of solid white oak and the canvas reinforced fitted into the wooden body with solid brass hardware. The Camp Chair can be used not only as a comfortable chair but also as a stool or a table when the backrest is folded down. Structural strength of the Camp Chair need not be an issue since it is tested to withstand a weight of 350 pounds. What makes it even more convenient is that it collapses when not in use so that it is easily stacked and stored while occupying less space. It is an ideal chair to bring along not just on camps but also on outdoor parties and barbecues. The Camp Chair is available at Best Made of New York for US$185.

Image Source: Best Made Co.

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