The Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun

Bug-A-SaltA summer approaches, expect the bugs and pests to also start coming out. As you plan your outdoor or backyard barbecue, you also need to plan for controlling those flies. These annoying flies have the habit of disturbing your outdoor fun activity, especially if it involves eating. If having a fly swatter handy may not motivate you to get rid of them, using this Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun might just do the trick.

The Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun is a unique and fun way to get rid of those flies inside and outside of your home. They can be quite elusive if you are not fast enough with the fly swatter. Try using this unique fly gun to get rid of them from a distance. The Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun does this by shooting a shotgun spray of table salt towards those pesky flying insects. The shot can decimate flies on contact.

The Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun is a fun way to get rid of flies in your home or outside of it. It can shoot houseflies dead from 2 to 3 feet away. Just place ordinary table salt on top of the gun and pull the pump handle towards you. Then you are ready to get rid of those flies. The Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun has the capacity to shoot from 50 to 100 shots of table salt into those annoying flies. But mind you, this is not some toy for kids to play with. Only responsible adults should be using this fly-decimating device. The Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun is primarily a fun way to getting rid of those flies. Just be ready to expect having table salt scattered all around your home. The Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun is available at their website for $40.

Image Source: Bug-A-Salt

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