The Best Laser Jammers

The very advanced-and very expensive-stealth technology is now being used by ordinary citizens in the form of laser jammers, which is installed in vehicles to avoid detection from radars and police speed detectors especially when exhibiting high speeds.

With that in mind, we should be careful in what brand of laser jammers to buy. We don’t want our money be wasted on a piece of junk.

Below are some of the best laser jammers available in the market. Remember that you have to make sure about the legalities concerning these gadgets in your area before installing it in your vehicle. Also, even the best laser jammers won’t protect you from all radar and other speed-measuring electronics.

Blinder M-20 Xtreme

This European-made product has a dual-transceiver design; its two units intended to be mounted in the front of the vehicle. You could also have two more transceivers installed at the back of your vehicle-at an added cost-but laser attacks from the rear happen rarely. However, large vehicles like SUVs are advised to use four transceivers.

The Blinder M-20 Xtreme also comes with a Speeding Ticket rebate (wherein they pay your overspending fines back) that is free for the first year of ownership and renewable-which would cost you-for up to three years.

 The only major problem encountered with this product is that its audio alert is so loud that some users have complained of near deafness. The Blinder M-20 Xtreme costs around $349.

Escort Shifter ZR3

For reasons they only know, the manufacturer of this product does not refer to it as a “jammer” but rather as a “shifter”. One unique feature of Escort Shifter ZR3 is that it can be linked into an Escort Passport 8500 X50, which is a high-end dash-mount detector.

The problem is that its connecting wires-although very thin-are very long and would require a bundler (don’t even think of cutting the wires). The Escort Shifter ZR3 is available at $449.95.

BEL LaserPro 905

Another type of “shifter” that has been around since 2001 like Escort ZR3. One unique feature about the BEL LaserPro 905 is that it comes with a nameplate. It scores big points for its very sophisticated packaging, easy installation, extremely user-friendly controls and operation. However, with new radar and speed-detection technologies, it won’t be too long before the BEL LaserPro 905 becomes useless.

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