The bem Speaker Trio

Wireless speakers have become quite common today that people now prefer them more and more over those wired speaker systems. The technology in both audio quality and wireless connectivity has allowed such speakers to develop and compete with most of the best wires versions out there. In the case of the bem Speaker Trio, wireless sound is even given more options.

The bem Speaker Trio provides a means for people to stream favorite tunes from a Bluetooth compatible device to its trio of mobile speakers. Not only is it able to provide good quality sound, it can do so in various areas and rooms all around the house, all coming from the same mobile device. The bem Speaker Trio comes with a base from which the three speakers share a common wireless connection. But it does not stop there.

This set up allows the bem Speaker Trio to be set up either in a single room or in multiple rooms, if each speaker unit is not more than 120 feet away from the base. This makes it an ideal speaker set to share those favorite tunes to people from other parts of the room, all at the same time. The bem Speaker Trio is available at bem for US$300.

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