The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360

The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360

The Rock Band phenomenon is barely two years old, yet it has practically revolutionized gaming by ushering in the age of full-band rhythm games. The games have since become more and more polished and sophisticated: better, sharper visuals; new songs; increased accessibility.

With The Beatles: Rock Band, the fundamentals are still there, but it is now much more appealing because it channels the excitement and companionship of being in an actual band much better than preceding games.

There is also a strong sense of continuity because of the all-Beatles song list, but the songs are diverse enough to keep things lively.

You can trace the Beatles’ career in the Story Mode which showcases a bunch of photographs and videos, some from their most memorable performances, which depict the world’s greatest rock band in a more "normal" and "human" light.

That, plus game’s artistic design helps you relate with the legendary rockers and create a sense of unity within your own band.

On the downside though, a lot of great Beatles songs were not included, and there are no drum fills or end-of-song jam sessions. But overall, the Beatles: Rock Band is a great game that you and your friends will surely enjoy playing; one that will engender unity and an appreciation for the classics!

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