The Beast Electric Bike

If you think that electric bikes can’t get any better in terms of looks, then think again. People might not wish to have an electric bicycles for the lack of that certain coolness factor. But when one sees the new M55 The Beast Electric Bike, then that perception may change suddenly.

The Beast is not your typical electric bike hybrid. Its cool design makes it stand out aside from the features that it can provide. It features an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries that provides added power to the biker. The bike can sense if the rider requires some much needed power or extra torque to navigate the bike. The bike then switches on the electric motor for some added power.

The Beast is built with cross country biking in mind. But it can also be used for typical flat road or beach cruising. It is made out of sturdy but light aluminum frame that also supports the electric motor as well as the integrated battery cells. Its cool design makes it quite a striking bike to have. The Beast M55 Electric Bike is available as a limited edition piece at M55. As so, it may be something that either only bike collectors or serious bikers would want to have at a price of US$13,300.

Image Source: M55

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