The Batteriser Extends Battery Life

BatteriserBatteries are still required for many devices and toys people often use. Those 1.5-volt standard batteries are still relevant although many gadgets today come with their own rechargeable battery packs. One frustration may users have with these standard batteries is their extremely short life span. They can only work for several short hours before users notice a dip in performance. But surprisingly, it may not be because the battery has no more power to give out. In fact, that is what the new Batteriser tries to take advantage of when using batteries- release the rest of that untapped power in those disposable batteries.

The Batteriser is a simple battery attachment that can extend the life of batteries for longer than you might expect. Instead of just throwing away those batteries that you through are already drained, just attach the Batterizer and you can tap into the unused power those seemingly empty batteries may have. This device comes with micro-circuitry that can make more efficient use of battery power. How efficient you say? Well, the Batteriser can add up to 80 percent to the life of battery before you need to dispose of it. You can make them last as much as 8 times longer using the device. Just slip it into any battery you use before you place it into any device or gadget. The Batteriser will be available for use with AA, AAA, C and D batteries. It is currently available for pre-order, giving you a set of four for $10. It is expected to be available by the end of the year.

Image Source: Batteriser

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