The Bamboo Bottle

Reusability is one of the important aspects of the Green Movement. Even if you are just an ordinary individual who cares for the environment. Using reusable items can help prevent you from contributing waste in the environment. For instance, reusable water bottles would help prevent adding plastic water bottle waste in the environment.

Reusable water bottles can also be stylish apart from being earth-friendly. Consider the unique Bamboo Bottle which is a glass water bottle encased in sturdy Phyllostachys Pubescens bamboo. This protects the glass bottle inside aside from providing a unique design aspect into the product. The Bamboo Bottle makes use of recyclable plastic for the cap and bottom which can also be easily recycled into other products instead of just being put to waste. The Bamboo Bottle is a more earth-friendly as well as stylish way to hydrate yourself as compared to using disposable plastic water bottles. It is available at the Bamboo Bottle Co. for US$25.

Image Source: Bamboo Bottle Co.

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