The Badger Waterproof Solar Battery USB Charger

Badger Waterproof Solar Battery USB ChargerPeople nowadays always have their favorite portable device handy wherever they go. Aside from smartphones, people usually bring along their tablets, portable media players and a host of other similar gadgets with them. But one disadvantage of having so many portable gadgets is that you cannot always have enough power to make them run the whole day or two. This becomes even more of a concern if you have no means to recharge them. And when they run out of power, they pretty much become useless. Having a means to recharge your gadgets no matter what the condition is therefore becoming more of a necessity for many people. Having the Badger Waterproof Solar Battery USB Charger handy will certainly be quite handy, especially for people who live off the grid.

The Badger Waterproof Solar USB Battery Charger is a handy solar panel that can be as weather-tough as they get. It features solar panels encased in a tough and waterproof pouch for protection against the elements. The Badger Waterproof Solar USB Battery Charger has been able to get an IP65 rating, which makes it dust and waterproof. Users can accidentally immerse the Badger in water and not worry about liquid destroying it. The pouch also serves as a waterproof storage space for your gadgets and devices, allowing you to charge them while on the go.

The Badger Waterproof Solar USB Battery Charger also comes with a detachable USB port with a tight rubber cap to protect the port and the circuit inside. If in case users fail to place on the waterproof cap and the USB ports get wet, users simply detach it from the solar panels and air-dry it before reusing with your different gadgets.

The Badger Waterproof Solar USB Battery Charger is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. There are three available versions available for people to choose from, the 8-watt, the 12-watt and the 16-watt versions. Early adopters can get the 8-watt Badger for a $70 pledge, the 12-watt model for $90 and the 16-watt unit for a $110 pledge. Expect the prices to be higher once they become available after the first batch of shipments are delivered on July of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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