The Anna Heater

Now that summer is ending and the cold season is approaching, people might want to prepare heating up their homes. Compact space heaters usually provide the convenience of being able to heat up rooms selectively, which can result in substantial reduction in heating costs for the home. And if you wish to have a compact space heater to heat up a room with style, then you might want to have this Anna Heater.

The Anna Heater, designed by Matti Walker, is a compact space heater stylishly designed not to look like a typical heater. It stands 15 inches high and just 4 inches thick. But it is effective enough to heat up a room occupying a 250 sq. feet area. Its design makes it look like a classic speaker rather than a heater, making it an ideal interior element in the home and not something to just hide somewhere when being used. The Anna Heater is available at the MoMa Store for US$99.

Image Source: CoDesign

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