The 14MP Digital Polaroid Camera

People always want the most convenience when it comes to trying to look for the newest devices. If it is convenient that it can offer, then it becomes something worth checking out. In terms of digital cameras, one that can print its own images will be something that is worth trying out. Actually, it is not something entirely new since there have been Polaroid cameras than can do such things. But those cameras were still not the digital type. But now there is a new option available with the 14MP Digital Polaroid Camera.

The 14MP Digital Polaroid Camera is a digital camera that can not only shoot photos but also print them. This new camera comes with a 14MP sensor, a 4x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch color LCD screen and saves files on an SD card with up to 32GB capacity. It also has the ability to capture video as well as audio aside from photos.

But what makes the 14MP Digital Polaroid Camera interesting is that it comes with its own built-in printer that allows the camera to print copies of the photos the device takes. It makes use of Zero Ink Technology to make this possible. The printer creates the photos using patented paper embedded with colored dye crystals. The photo prints that come out are smudge-proof, tear-proof as well as resistant to fading and moisture. The 14MP Digital Polaroid Camera is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$300.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer


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