That Beautiful Vanhulsteijn Bicycle

Bicycles still continue to thrive in a highly motorized society. In terms of a convenient mode of transportation that only relies on some good old foot pedal power, nothing beats the conventional bicycle. But that doesn’t mean that its design can’t be improved. Just look at this new Vanhulsteijn Bicycle and you would appreciate its beauty and see bicycle as a work of art.

The new Vanhulsteijn Bicycle is the work of a design firm founded by Herman Van Hulsteijn. Just by looking at it, you might readily see a bicycle that is not only functional, but also a work of art in some ways. You can consider it as a functional work of art. The curved lines and the suspended seat make it somewhat unique when compared to a conventional bicycle, giving it a different level of appeal. When it comes to function, the Vanhulsteijn Bicycle seems to look like that it is also customizable. It is currently available as a 2- or 3-speed bicycle. This beautiful bicycle is available at Vanhulsteijn and costs around 1,495 Euros or US$2,110.

Image Source: Vanhulsteijn

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