Thanko USB Waterproof Video Camera EX

Thanko is coming up with a new USB waterproof video camera that would likely find some use for adventurous and high action people. Adventures that need to be recorded in video can now be possible by using the Thanko USB Waterproof Video Camera EX. Unique features are combined into this highly portable yet durable video camera that can be used for a variety of action shots.

What makes the Thanko USB Waterproof Video Camera EX quite handy and useful is that it is tiny enough to be attached to any fixed base such as a helmet, bike post , wrist, etc. It features not only a capable video camera that can capture high quality images and video, but also a Led Flashlight to provide lighting if needed. It is even waterproof and can capture video footage underwater for up to 3 meters in depth. A 16GB microSD provides enough storage for a lot of action videos and images. The Thanko USB Waterproof Video Camera Ex is available at GeekStuff4U for 15,340 Japanese Yen. That would be around US$167.

Image Source: Thanko

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