Thanko Micro Sport MP3 Player

Thanko Micro Sport MP3 Player

Thanko’s USB-based products either have a spy camera or are just plain silly, but this one seems to be on the serious side.  The Thanko Micro Sport MP3 Player is a music player ideal for people who want to listen to music while playing light sports like jogging, walking on a treadmill, or even yoga.  Because its main device is actually integrated to one earbud, there are less excess wires to worry about.

The gadget has 4GB of memory, weighs just 8 grams, and supports MP3 and WMA files.  Charging the battery takes only an hour, which is enough to generate up to four hours of listening pleasure.  The Micro Sport Player can be connected to Windows PC or Mac through its USB 2.0 plug.  It also includes a second earbud, which can be attached to the main unit.

The Thanko Micro Sport MP3 player is now available in Japan for only 5,980 yen (about US$65).  International buyers who are interested to have one of these can head over to Geek Stuff 4 U at a slightly jacked-up price of 7980 yen ($87).

Image source:  Thanko

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