Thanko LED Spy Light HD

There are people who seem to like unique gadgets. It is not so much as new ones but a unique combination of different technologies that seem to catch some attention nowadays. Such a combination would be a flashlight with a built-in spy camera.

If you think that such a device has not yet been made, then you are wrong. Japanese manufacturer Thanko has already released such a device in December of last year with its LED Spy Light. And this year it has improved on it by releasing a new LED Spy Light HD. This is also a handy LED flashlight with a built-in spy camera. But this time, it is able to capture video in high definition quality. The spy camera built into the Spy Light HD is good enough to shoot video in 1280×960 at 30fps. And to accommodate the memory needed, the LED Spy Light HD now supports microSD cards up to 16 GB storage capacity. It is currently available at the Thanko Japanese website for around 7,980 yen. That is around US$88.

Image Source: Thanko

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