Thanko Hot Cat Gloves Complete Your Cosplay Shopping List

Thanko Hot Cat Gloves

Thinking of dressing up as a Nyan Nyan in French maid costume on your next cosplay convention?  Sure, it’s easy to find a French maid attire at a local costume rental store or make your own apron-and-black-dress ensemble, even the cat’s ears can be bought online, but how can you call yourself an authentic cat lady if you do have paws to show off?

Luckily, Thanko has been coming up with gadgets that double as cute accessories.  After introducing the Catgirl Earphones months ago, which incidentally became their hottest-selling item, the company decided to pair those furry earphones with matching cat paws that also function as… guess what?  Hand heaters!

The Thanko Hot Cat Gloves have a built-in heater that works by connecting them to your computer’s USB port to keep your hands warm while Facebooking in wintertime.  Even if it would be quite a hassle if you attempt the gloves to warm-up while outside, you cannot deny they look cute enough to complete your cosplay costume and can really draw in the attention.

These Thanko Hot Cat Gloves are only available in Japan, though, and are sold for about US$35.

Image source:  Thanko

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