Thanko Analog Watch Video Camera

Looking good applies even for spies. That is why spy gadgetry must also have that certain style in order to garner some level of attention. Take for example this new Thanko Analog Watch with Video Camera. Taking videos and pictures secretly look way cooler, if that is your kind of thing.

The Thanko Video Camera Analog Watch looks unmistakably like any other stylish analog watch. But it comes equipped with a miniature camera hidden within that can shoot video in 640 x 480 resolution at 30fps. It can also take pictures in 1600x 1200 resolution and comes with a 4GB built-in memory and an available USB 1.1 port. And just like any other spy gadget watch you see in movies, it is waterproof. The Thanko Analog Watch Video Camera is available at GeekStuff4U for 14,450.00 Japanese Yen. That’s about US$171.

Image Source: Thanko

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