Thanko Analog Watch And Voice Recorder

Having a gadget that can have different functions is probably what makes them interesting. If those functions are not associated with each other, it makes them unique, in a sense. Some may even find them wacky, but still such devices can find some important use in one way or another. Consider the Thanko Analog Watch and Voice Recorder. Now that is unique.

The Thanko Analog Watch and Voice Recorder is just that- an analog watch that can also record audio. With it, you now have a means not only to tell time but also record audio reminders or other voices you come across with any time. It has a 1GB memory that allows it to save recorded audio files. This unique watch can even be used as an MP3 player. It also comes with a USB jack that allows users to transfer files to and from a PC. The Thanko Analog Watch and Voice Recorder is available at Thanko for 4980 Japanese Yen or around US$61.

Image Source: Thanko

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