Texthook Smartphone Cradle

Texthook Smartphone Cradle

Your hands are full, you may complain.  With our fast-paced mobile lifestyle, we think we could do everything at the same time such as checking the emails on your smartphone while shopping for groceries.  Well, the Texthook can make multitasking a little more convenient.

This patent-pending design secures your smartphone-whether it is an iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, or any other touchscreen phone-and straps onto any handle like grocery carts, baby strollers, treadmills among others.  It allows you to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues while you are busy with something else.

The Texthook is lightweight and durable that it can be attached and removed repeatedly throughout the day simply by using one sliding motion.  It can even rotate up to 180 degrees so you can see your phone from almost every angle.

The Texthook is available on its official website for only US$25.99.  Additional Velcro straps can be bought separately.

Image source:  Texthook

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