Tetris Ice Cube Trays

tetris ice cube trays

Russian design studio Mystake turned to the previous generation for inspiration for their ice cube tray. People, meet the Tetris Ice Cube tray. Icetris for short.

Designer Dima Komissarov, member of the Mystake design team came up with the nostalgic, colorful neon molds that you can not only use to hold ice, but tetris jellos, tetris popsicles and even tetris soap as well.

Sounds like an invitation to play with your food right?

That should be fun except that you have to move really fast or your pieces could melt before you can do a triple or a tetris.

Then again, how are you supposed to play ice tetris without a big enough container to hold it, right? Mystake design studio probably is already working on it.

The Tetris Ice Cube Trays are available in stores and online for $9.99

Image source: Technabob

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