Tetris Animated Alarm Clock

Tetris is considered as a classic game with a popularity that has reached globally. Before there were handheld portable gaming consoles of today, there were games like Tetris that occupied hours upon hours of one’s time. It has etched itself into the minds of eager players in the past who have been fortunate enough to experience its first release and rise to its popularity. And while kids have moved on to other games, there are still some who might not want to forget Tetris just yet. This unique Tetris Animated Alarm Clock just might help people keep their nostalgic feelings over the classic game alive.

The Tetris Animated Alarm Clock is a unique alarm clock that features those popular Tetris figures falling to form the numbers that indicate the time. It also comes with an alarm that features that famous Tetris theme song to wake the user up. It also comes with Tetris-shaped buttons out front. The Tetris Animated Alarm Clock is available at Think Geek for US$30.

Image Source: Think Geek

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