Tesla Roadster

tesla roadster

Electric cars are rolling back into the news. The good news is that they are always quiet, clean, and environmentally friendly. The bad news is that they do not look sexy at all. But the Tesla Roadster incorporates sexy into green. Tesla made a huge impression by making the Roadster, considered by many as the zippiest production electric vehicle ever.

The Tesla Roadster, sold for a base price of $109,000, has a top speed of 125 mph (electronically limited). This electric-powered car has excited the green-tech crowd since its announcement in 2003. Many celebrities, including George Clooney, went gaga over this ultra cool car and joined a mile-long waiting list for it.

The Roadster comes with a custom microprocessor-controlled lithium-ion battery with 6,831 individual cells.  Full charge is around 3.5 hours using the Tesla Motors High Power Connector. It has range of about 220 miles ad battery life is 100,000 miles or five years. It has zero emissions since it gets its power from 100% renewable energy. After years of technical and production shake-ups and setbacks, Tesla has finally made it and started delivering Roadster to customers.

Image Source: Tesla

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