TerreStar GENUS Smartphone

All the smartphones in the market may technically provide the same basic calling functions apart from their many other added features. They can be limited by the signals that the cell sites may provide in your area. That means your ability to call on your smartphone may not be as consistent especially if you find yourself in certain areas with no connection. For those who wish for better signal consistency wherever they may be, this new TerreStar GENUS Smartphone may really come in handy.

The TerreStar GENUS is being touted as the world’s first integrated cellular-satellite smartphone. The TerreStar GENUS is not only a cellular phone but also a satellite phone in one. It is able to get signals even from the remotest mountains or rural country roads in the US that conventional cellular signals may not reach. It may even be able to handle voice, data and messaging communications up to 200 miles of the US coast.

What makes the new TerreStar GENUS quite interesting is that it now comes in a slicker and better design typical of a cool smartphone rather than the usual brick-style satellite devices. It also has certain smartphone features such as integrated Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and GPS connectivity. It also features a touchscreen display along with a QWERTY keyboard, a 2.0 megapixel camera and other multimedia features typical of a smartphone. But its unique features may come at a price. The TerreStar GENUS is now being made available for consumers from partner retailers for US$1,150.

Image Source: TerreStar

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