Teroforma Whisky Stones: Like ice, but do not melt

Teleforma Whisky Stones, Max Edition

Teleforma Whisky Stones

Everybody loves their alcoholic drinks cold, and we add ice to our concoctions to keep it cold. However, ice has this side-effect if you are drinking in a fairly warm room. Not only does the ice melt, it also makes your drink more watery, diluting all the nice flavors.

Imagine if you can be able to keep your drinks cool without worrying about melting ice and watered-down taste. Whisky Stones by Teroforma should be an essential to your mini-bar. Made from the oldest soapstone workshop in the United States (located in Perkinsville, Vermont), these little stone cubes are specially designed to keep your dram cool without the consequence from melting ice.

All you need to do is to place these Whisky Stones into the freezer for several hours. Add three cubes on a dram of liquor, wait for five minutes, and take a sip of cold alcohol. It can also be used for non-alcoholic drinks like softdrinks and fruit juices.

Teleforma Whisky Stones, Max Edition

The Teleforma Whisky Stones come in different sizes and forms. The traditional Cube measures at 7/8 inch on all sides and comes in a set of 9 along with a muslin drawstring bag for storage and taking them out on another party place. There is also the Max, which is larger at 1.5 inches on all sides, and is shipped with just two Max Whisky Stones as well as a muslim storage bag.

The company also offers the Whisky Stones Shot, consisting of four shot glasses made of non-porous soapstone. It can contain up to 2 Fl. oz. of liquor and it works by popping the glasses into the chiller for a couple of hours before serving.

Whisky Stones are available online starting at $20 for a Cube set.

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