Tentacles: Enter The Dolphin iOS Game App

With a myriad of game apps now available for people to choose from at the Apple App Store for their iOS device, it pays to have a game that is just a tad bit different from all the rest. This means that games with some of those unique and interesting features usually get most of the attention. Such games like Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin iOS game app really do need it in order to get noticed.

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin is a unique game app with an equally unique game character, a unique setting, and a unique type of game play. In the game players get to control a one-eyed tentacled creature called Lemmy. In this game, Lemmy somehow gets inside the mad scientist’s Phluff’s body. Lemmy now needs to navigate through the maze of body parts to survive. There are hazards and obstacles along the way and Lemmy has to get through them using his tentacles to navigate. Lemmy also has to deal with eyeball creatures along the way from which eating the eyeballs will replenish Lemmy recover.

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin iOS game app makes use of simple tap controls to help Lemmy maneuver through different mazes in the game. The unique setting makes it an interesting game to play, along with the interesting creatures and the vivid 3D mazes to maneuver in. This iOS game app is available at the App Store for a $1 download.

Image Source: App Store

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